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About Us

Best herbs company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, engaged in the production and export of medicinal plants and aromatic fruits and herbs, dried and dehydrated vegetables, spices fall? Grown our products in the Egyptian farms located in areas of "pollution-free" and which contains all the necessary for the growth of herbs and natural elements free and Habitat of pollution. Our products are laboratory tested to ensure compliance with the standards and specifications, and meet the requirements of our customers.

The company is engaged in import and export,? We export of medicinal and aromatic herbs such as mallow dried. Fennel. Caraway chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, lemon, basil. And frike. And Paddock. And beans. Marjoram. And much more. ??? And we export organic herbs and traditional alike, and we are working within the guidelines and supervision of members of the Egyptian Center for organic farming? We have a large team of professionals to support us and we believe that customer satisfaction goal of our company's main.