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May 23, 2016
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Fennel for export and its health benefits
May 23, 2016
Benefits of dried lemon
Lemon for import and its health benefits
October 26, 2019
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Sesame seeds for export



Sesame seeds for export

Sesame seeds for export
Sesame seeds for export

Sesame seeds for export

For all Arab and foreign countries and conforms to the Food and Drug Administration and European specifications


Origin: Egypt

Production: current season

Packing: According to the importer’s request

Shipping: anywhere in the world

Sesame is an oil crop and has been used as food and fat since ancient times. The resulting oil contains a high percentage of proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidant flavonoids, which contributes to its preservation of its natural properties. Sesame oil is also used in cooking, and many peoples still use it in their food by adding it to their popular dishes, etc. Many societies still depend on it for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It is also used in the manufacture of sweets and pies. Sesame oil is known as siraj or shirg, and in Iraq it is called “rashi” and it is eaten with dates and used in the preparation of hummus. A white or brown substance known as tahini is also extracted from sesame after squeezing it.

Benefits of sesame seeds for export

Sesame seeds have a high and distinctive nutritional value, and have many and varied health benefits. Here are important details about the benefits of sesame below. Sorry,

Benefits of sesame

Here is a detailed list of the benefits of sesame as follows:

  • Contributing to the fight against cancer

Sesame seeds are rich in natural oils, many of which act as important antioxidants. Indeed, many studies have linked sesame and the compounds it contains to combating...Cancers, especially the following types:

  1. blood cancer.
  2. breast cancer.
  3. Lung Cancer.
  4. Pancreas cancer.
  5. Colon Cancer.
  6. Prostate cancer.

Sesame seeds contain a high percentage of Vitamin E (Vitamin E), Vitamin K, and magnesium. All of these elements have important properties in fighting tumors.

  • Control blood sugar

Sesame contains important compounds, such as magnesium, which contributes to reducing the chances of developing diabetes, and reduces the severity of the symptoms of the disease in those affected.

Eating sesame with some diabetes treatment medications increases their effectiveness and positively affects treatment.

  • Increasing fertility in men and preventing infertility

One of the benefits of sesame is its ability to improve the quality of a man’s sperm and enhance his fertility when added to a man’s diet.

  • Promote bone health

The presence of a very large amount of important minerals in sesame makes it highly effective in promoting bone health.

Therefore, it is recommended to take it in cases of infection Osteoporosis Or even fractures.

  • Promoting heart health

One of the benefits of sesame that can be obtained when consumed regularly is enhancing the health of the heart and circulatory system due to the richness of these seeds in magnesium, which is important for lowering blood pressure.

The fiber content of sesame seeds also helps fight cholesterol and reduces the chances of atherosclerosis and heart attack.

  • Improve digestion

One of the benefits of sesame is improving the digestion process, because its seeds contain a large amount of fiber, which plays an important role in the following:

  1. Facilitate digestion.
  2. Reducing the chances of diarrhea or constipation.
  3. Protecting the digestive tract.
  4. Reducing digestive disorders.
  5. Reducing the risk of gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Rebalancing hormones in the body

Many studies have indicated the ability of sesame to restore the balance of sexual hormones in the body, which is one of the benefits of sesame for women in particular after reaching menopause.

Because sesame seeds are rich in fatty acids, proteins, and many important nutrients, they are considered important seeds during pregnancy to maintain the pregnant woman’s health and provide her with important nutrients.

  • Enhancing fat burning processes

Some studies have shown that sesame seeds contain special compounds that may play an important role in promoting fat burning in the body.

Not to mention, its fiber content helps enhance the feeling of satiety and fill the stomach for a longer time.

  • Promote hair health

One of the benefits of sesame is enhancing hair health, because it contains important plant compounds, which helps massaging the scalp regularly With sesame oil It protects against premature graying and increases hair growth.

The richness of sesame oil in antioxidants and amino acids makes it a good helper in restoring the lost luster to dull hair.

  • Promoting skin health and beauty

Sesame seeds are rich in zinc, which plays an important role in the processes of collagen formation in the skin. Collagen, in turn, increases the strength of muscle bonds and the strength of hair and skin tissue.

Sesame seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E, significantly reduces the effects of burns and scars on the skin. This is done by spreading the oil on the affected area.

Nutritional value of sesame seeds

The benefits of sesame result from its high nutritional value, and the table below shows the nutritional value of 100 grams of sesame seeds.

محاذير بذور السمسم

Warnings and risks

Despite the many benefits of sesame, it is possible to develop some symptoms and health complications when eating sesame seeds in large quantities, such as the following:

  • Allergies: Eating very large amounts of sesame seeds may cause irritation and sensitivity to the colon and stomach.
  • Problems in diabetics: Sesame seeds may have a negative effect on blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

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Sesame seeds for export